Episode #14

Building a Speak-Up Culture: Stephen Shedletzky’s Expert Insights for Effective Leadership

Host: Mike Pinkus | Published Date: July 11, 2024

In this episode, we sit down with Stephen Shedletzky, author and renowned expert on fostering a speak-up culture within organizations. Stephen shares invaluable insights from his book, “Speak-Up Culture,” and provides practical advice on how leaders can create an environment where everyone feels safe and encouraged to voice their ideas and concerns.

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Episode Highlights:

  • The Importance of a Speak Up Culture
    • Learn why fostering a culture where employees feel safe to speak up is crucial for innovation, trust, and overall organizational health.
  • Leadership and Vulnerability
    • Understand how leaders can embrace vulnerability to build trust and encourage open communication within their teams.
  • Measuring Impact
    • Explore how organizations can measure the impact of a speak up culture through both quantitative metrics and qualitative feedback.
  • Practical Strategies for Leaders
    • Gain practical tips and strategies for leaders to implement a speak-up culture and ensure their teams feel heard and valued.
Meet our host

Mike Pinkus

Co-Founder: ConnectCPA
Meet Our Guest
Stephen Shedletzky

Stephen Shedletzky

Founder, Speaker, Coach & Author of Shed Inspires
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